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Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition – Class Abilities and Cooldowns

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Class Abilities and Cooldowns

Below are the classes with their respective abilities, a quick summary of the ability effect, and the ability’s cooldown. This is intended to be a quick reference guide for players. The following values are with Codex Rules and have not been tested without.



Apothecary with Narthecium (without Narthecium)


  • Heal (heal the single target) – 60s (180s)


  • Auto Heal (heal self) – 55s (165s)


  • Mass Heal (heal team) – 72s (216s)




  • Frenzy (melee attack speed) – 80s


  • Deep Strike (teleport) – 110s


  • Energy Field (shield self) – 40s




  • Call to Arms (revive team) – 110s


  • Litany of War (shield team) – 90s


  • Retribution (reflect damage) – 60s



Heavy Weapon Specialty

  • Fire Storm (range attack speed) – 120s


  • Proximity Mine (placed explosive) – 50s


  • Crusaders (no recoil, no jamming) – 90s



Librarian without Force Sword/Force Axe

  • Shockwave (AoE knockdown) – 10s


  • Chain Lightning (line-effect damage) – 8s


  • Spontaneous Combustion (single target damage) – 64s




  • Reinforcement (revive single target) – 120s


  • Protector (shield single target) – 50s


  • Skull Bolter (attack drone) – 300s


Oddly enough, the Tactical’s Reinforcement has a longer cooldown than the Interrogator-Chaplain’s Call to Arms despite only affecting a single target.


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