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Space Hulk: Tactics – Basic Gameplay Guide

9 October 2018, Tuesday, 6:07:38

Basic Gameplay Guide

1) For new guys always bring a Librarian, Force Barrier will save lives more then anything else in the game, but try to only use it when you need it the most (until you get the card that gives you PSI points killing genes, then let it rip).



Avoid using the Storm unless its a really important and juicy target and Axe channeling makes this guy a beast in melee. Remember though, only get to use 1 skill per turn, so choose wisely.




2) Count Genestealer AP Points, seriously, COUNT THEM, then pay attention to how many it will take to reach your guys, also these guys take 1 AP to get around Corners.



Also while you may think you are safe from that 6AP blip by 1 tile, do remember if its more then 1 genestealer they can put it 1 extra tile ahead, giving them the chance to hit your guy once.




3) Overwatch is great, but not so much if you are overwatching only 3 tiles with a gene around the corner and you have NO AP (Help unjam bolters), or OVERWATCH BUFF CARDS to help him.



Overwatch without AP, especially against 2 or more Genestealers, is sometimes a death sentence when your weapon jams, but this is only if they can reach you during their turn.




4) Positioning is everything, having your awesome sergeant with no range infront will stop you from shooting those doors while moving, which expands your view on any Genes incoming, as well as save your AP points on opening them.



Just like not having your Apothecary behind someone is a waste of his abilities.




5) You cant close destroyed Doors (duh). And Apothecary CAN LOCK Doors (except those connected to a control panel), though Genestealers can break them (but if your lucky they wont do so well and save you a turn, but with all their AP this is a rarity.)




6) Play defensive, but aggression is important as well, sometimes its best to push and kill those Genestealer or expose blips, its stop them from gathering in huge numbers.




7) Better to have Melee guys walk slow and Guard (with genes nearby) and watch out for tile gaps in your team if you have a melee guy watching the front of back line. Reaper Genestealer can bypass them and kill anyone exposed behind.




8) Get Line of Sight on those blips when possible, if you are lucky you might expose a BLIP being UPGRADED, (which when exposed means it cancels out, removing the blip and whatever hellspawn it was about to summon).


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