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Space Hulk: Tactics – Common Rules

9 October 2018, Tuesday, 6:33:58

Common Rules

Each unit has Actions Points (AP). They are spent for actions like Interaction, Close Assault or Movements. The AP count is reset at the beginning of a new turn.



Only the Terminators can retrieve additional AP (AP Squad) by converting a Card.



Convert a Card has a different effect depending of the faction you play.



Only Terminators need to have a line of sight in order to use certain actions (ie: Shoot Action with a Storm Bolter). A line of sight can be obstructed by a unit or an Interactive Object (ie: doors).



A Full Turn is the addition of Terminator + Genestealer Turns.



At the end of their Turn, each opponent draw the necessary amount of cards to have 3 of them in hand. If they already have 3 cards (or more) at the end of their turn, no cards are drew.



We advise you to set the timer to the maximum value for your first missions.



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