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Space Hulk: Tactics – Special Units

5 October 2018, Friday, 15:36:28

Special Units

In order to have a Special unit on the battlefield, you need first to Play the corresponding card in your hand on the specified Blip and to have the required amount of Menace Point (or MP).



Once the Blip has been chosen, you will have to wait your next Turn before the unit appears.



Special01 : Bulwark Biomorph

This unit is slower than its kind: 4 AP (instead of 6) but it requires 2 successful dices (instead of 1) in order to kill it. These successes can be splited : one can come form a shot with a Storm Bolter and the second one from a close Assault Action.



Special02: Reaperfex Biomorph

His agility allows him to cross over squares already occupied by other units or Interactive Object.
He also has 8 AP (instead of 6).



Special03 : Broodlord

  1. -He can use the action Vanish (the cost is 6 AP) which allows to move from its current square to an other one on the battlefield.


Player has to choose an eligible square nearby to do this action: < 13 squares from its origin ; > 4 to an opponent’s unit ; > 10 to an extract point



  1. -If the unit is beyond 7 squares from a Terminator: 1 adjacent square of the Broodlord is an entry area for Blip.



Special04: Miasmic Biomorph

When it dies, his body spills a gaz on its square. It lasts 1 turn. Every cost for a Terminator’s movement in this area costs double.



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