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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Cheats

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Cheat Mode:

Hold Ctrl + Shift while entering the corresponding code at the indicated location during gameplay to enable the following effects.



Spawn Black Hole with Selectable Destination:

Any screen, enter ‘hole’



Destroy ALL Enemies, Unless Keller is Present:

Hyperspace, enter ‘boom’



Equipment Stops Deteriorating:

Any screen, enter ‘technic’



Dominator Weapon:

Space station, enter ‘klissanitem’



10,000 Credits:

Equipment screen, enter ‘bigmoney’



100,000 Credits:

Equipment screen, enter ‘hugemoney’



1,000 Ranger Points:

Ranger center, enter ‘rangerpoints’



One of Each Weapon:

Any screen, enter ‘gun’




Any screen, enter ‘god’



Maximize ALL Skills:

Any screen, enter ‘skill’



‘Ideal’ Class Hull:

Any screen, enter ‘ideal’



Repair ALL Items:

In space very near a sun enter ‘repair’



Full Map:

Any screen, enter ‘showmap’



Unlimited Ammo and Fuel:

Any screen, enter ‘ammo’



ALL Items have 50% Weight:

In space, enter ‘packing’


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