Spellbreak PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings


PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

The controls listed below are the default controls;


Action Button
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Right A
Move Left D
Jump Space Bar
Levitate Space Bar (Hold)
Crouch C
Toggle Auto Run =
Emote G
Cast Primary Spell Left Mouse Button
Cast Primary Sorcery Q
Aim Primary Spell Sorcery Q (Hold)
Cast Secondary Spell Right Mouse Button
Cast Secondary Sorcery E
Aim Secondary Sorcery E (Hold)
Use Rune LShift
Pick up / Use F
Swap Item F (Hold)
Ping Place / Deny Middle Mouse Button
Ping Danger / Confirm Middle Mouse Button (Hold)
Open Map M
Move Spawn Portal – Player Left Mouse Button (On Portal)
Move Spawn Portal – Party Right Mouse Button (On Portal)
Push to Talk V
Show / Hide Minimal UI Ctrl+Shift+X
Show / Hide UI Ctrl+Shift+Z
Show / Hide
Inventory & Skill Menu
Active Hot Key Z
Change Active Hot Key Scroll Wheel
Use / Swap Item – Slot 1 1
Use / Swap Item – Slot 2 2
Use / Swap Item – Slot 3 3
Use / Swap Item – Slot 4 4
Drop Item – Slot 1 Ctrl+1
Drop Item – Slot 2 Ctrl+2
Drop Item – Slot 3 Ctrl+3
Drop Item – Slot 4 Ctrl+4
Main Menu (Exit / Back) Escape
Main Menu (Confirm) Enter



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