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SpellForce 3 – Resurrecting Heroes

9 December 2017, Saturday, 20:33:45


Resurrecting Heroes

It’s almost inevitable that some heroes will die at some point in the campaign since SpellForce 3 is a pretty challenging game (even more so on the highest difficulty). A hero’s death could make a fight more difficult while all heroes dying could mean the end of the quest prompting to load a save file.


There are a few ways to get the heroes back into action. Before actually dying, heroes go into a knocked out state which leaves the player with a window of about 20 seconds to get them back up. At this point another hero can be used to right click on the knocked out hero and go through a channeling process that will revive the latter. A much safer option would be to use a resurrecting spell or item on the knocked out hero. If the time expires, the next choice would be a Godstone. The Godstones are monuments spread all over the map which become available to use pretty early in the story. When a hero dies (for real), they are brought back to life to the nearest Godstone at a cost of one shard. The number of shards available at the start is three and it can be increased by consuming special items. Replenishing the shards is also important; however, this can be done only during the RTS mode as workers are required to pray at the Godstone in order to generate new shards.





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