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Hidden Character Locations

  • Alto Singh: Always spawns in 1-4, under the Quillback boss.


  • Liz: Always spawns in 2-1, in the first Jungle area.


  • Jay: Spawns in one of the Tide Pool levels.


  • Valerie: Spawns in one of the Temple of Anubis levels.


  • Retro Spelunker: Defeat Hundun and complete the Sunken City route.


  • Au: Always spawns in the City of Gold.


  • Guy Spelunky: Defeat the final boss and complete one full run.


  • Lise Project: Always spawns in 2R-1. Appears in a coffin in the first Volcana Stage.


  • Nekka: Always appears in the Black Market — the Black Market is a secret location accessible through 2L (Jungle) with the Udjat Eye.


  • Coco Von Diamonds: Always appears in Vlad’s Castle — Vlad’s Castle is a secret location accessible through 2R (Volcana) by using the Udjat Eye on the giant drill.


  • Demi: Coffin spawns in the Yeti Cave, an optional area in the Ice Caves.


  • Pilot: Always appears in the Mothership, a secret area accessible through the Ice Caves.


  • Princess Airyn: Spawns in a coffin that always appears in Neo-Babylon.


  • Manfred Von Tunnel: Found in a coffin that spawns in the optional Ankh cave in Olmec’s Lair 3-1. The Ankh Cave is accessible from the bottom of the arena.


  • Dirk: This character can only be found in the Sunken City. The coffin is found inside one of the giant frogs.


  • Tina Flan: This character spawns in a coffin that always appears in the optional Abzu area.


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