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SpyParty – Sniper Tips

12 April 2018, Thursday, 23:31:44

Sniper Tips

1. Don’t panic, it’s overwhelming at first, but you have time to sort things out, and the Spy will make mistakes.


2. Ignore the cast characters who cannot be the Spy. Lowlight them with Left Trigger if you are a fast aimer.


3. Remember: you can move around corners and see the maps from various multiple sides.


4. You move slower when you’re zoomed in.


5. Once you’re comfortable, use the triggers to manage suspects by Highlighting and Lowlighting, but don’t worry about this at the beginning, it’s more important to observe.


6. Some Snipers find it easier to Lowlight everyone who is not a suspect, others find it easier to Highlight people who are suspects. E.g. when you hear “banana bread”, you can Highlight people in conversations, or Lowlight people not in conversations. Both techniques work, use either one.


7. Keep your laser sight out of view of the Spy by aiming it at a window frame or above or below the windows.


8. Look for intentional behavior, not just hard tells. Who is acting like they have things to do? Who is not moving with confidence?


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