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SpyParty – Spy Tips

12 April 2018, Thursday, 23:23:59

Spy Tips

1. Good camera management is vital. Always be able to answer the question, “Where is the laser?” Always swing the camera around so you can see the room and the laser.


2. You may think you’re being obvious, but the Sniper is overwhelmed with information, so try to relax.


3. Do not take control from the AI until you have your bearings. You can move the camera while in AI mode.


4. Moving with confidence is key! Don’t fidget or adjust!


5. Once you have a destination in mind, do not stop in the middle of the room, or rotate the camera while you’re moving. Walk until the outlined area highlights, then stop. There is no momentum on the movement.


6. Holding something (a drink, a book, etc.) restricts the actions you can do, and sometimes it’s side-dependent, so e.g. if you’re holding a drink on the left, you can’t bug the Ambassador on that side.


6. Don’t look too intentional. Don’t make a beeline from the statues to the bookshelves to the Ambassador. Mingle at the party, have a drink, look like you’re just hanging out.


7. If the laser sight is on your head, don’t panic, play it cool.


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