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SpyParty – Tips for Getting Better

13 April 2018, Friday, 1:28:47

Tips for Getting Better

-Talk to your opponents! SpyParty is incredibly fun when you are talking to your opponents. If you got shot as the Spy, ask your opponent why they shot you. You might just learn something new.


-Watch replays. There is an entire replay tool that you can use to watch your previous games. You can see the games from both the Sniper and Spy views and you can freely jump backwards and forwards in the game.


-Look at the Dossier. In the Practice menu, there is an option to “View Dossier.” This will bring up a screen that lets you view every character’s animation in the game, so you can see firsthand what every mission looks like.


-Play a practice Spy game. Use the Practice Spy Game feature to practice the new missions and see how action tests affect the ones you know and love. In Practice Spy mode, you can also hit the Tab key (or the X button on an Xbox controller) to swap to the Sniper view.


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