Star Control: Origins – About Resource Collection

About Resource Collection

1) If a planet has low value (Blue, Red, or deep-purple-ish icons) resources only, just don’t waste time landing and collecting them. They will never be needed for any quest, and have a value of only 1 per unit, resulting in miserable profit. It is more efficient to land on planets with at least moderate value (5 per unit) resources.



2) You can see the value per unit of a resource found on a Planet by hovering the mouse cursor over that resource in the list on the right when orbiting said planet.



3) The environmental danger level of a planet can exceed the value of 10, but the interface does not show it: this means a planet you think is safe to land on because of your protections are a total of 10, can instead be deadly. Always check the numeric value, by hovering the mouse on the environmental threat bar, before landing, when you see a planet with Threat 10 of either Toxicity or Heat.



4) Planets with greater dangers often result in greater material amounts and rarity.



5) The only types of resources you will need in Quests are Rare Radioactive (Green icon), Ultra Rare (Gold Icon) and Mythical (Bright Pink Icon). All the other types you will never need.



6) You can see the type of Crashed Spaceship on a Planet from the orbit. Rotate the planet with WASD or Arrows and look at it: if you know it is a not very good spacecraft and the planet is dangerous, just leave it there.



7) Always land on planets with Unidentified Structures: they can lead to powerful modules or large quantities of money instantly. Also quests, of course.



8) Fast lightning strikes on planets will actually not damage your Lander. Electrical Storms (the large ones, with area-of-effect persistent duration) WILL damage it, do not confuse the two.



9) Do not land on planets with volcanoes unless forced to. They are immensely dangerous and random: a single volcano fireball will always destroy your lander in 1 hit, and there are lots of them around every moment.



10) Unless forced to, always skip past Security Drones or Turrets when a planets contains some: they are not worth destroying and are never needed in quests that i know of, and also very dangerous. Same goes for wildlife.



11) If you find a planet with Mythical resources but you do not need them for a present quest, unless you really need some money, mark it on the map and leave it there for when you will need them. This because Resources cannot be sold partially, so it is impossible to save some when trading them.


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Brian Danner

The comment about Gold Purple and green materials is wholly incorrect. Francium is orange and is needed in GREAT abundance. Plus critter meat is worth 50 RU per but I prefer to stun them. They range from 60 to 120 RU a piece alive. Drone debris is also of value at 20 RU a piece. Critters, critter meat, and debris all sell ONLY to the Maelnir Trading Ships that can be found scattered about.


I agree about the materials.
100 Lead is needed for a quest in Gamma Orchidium.
10 Francium is needed after you get home a spare hyperdrive.

Drones also can be stunned, and also are worth more when stunned not killed. Stunned Lexite drone is worth 200 RU.

Drones and critters can be sold not only at Maelnir trading post but also at Meknmack homeworld.