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Star Control: Origins – Greegrox Quests Guide

24 September 2018, Monday, 14:03:21

Greegrox Quests

Talking to Space Fish

In order to communicate with the Greegrox you will need a trasnlation for their language.


  • -There are two ways to obtain the translation.
    • Talk with one Greegrox Follower to start recording. Talk with 3 more while a Tywom ship is in your fleet.
    • There is a crashed Tywom ship with a translation on Episolon Gladius II.




Form an Alliance with the Greegrox

In order to form an alliance with the space fish you must get back the Ancient One’s egg.


  1. -Talk to the Greegrox on the Ancient One.
  2. -Obtain the egg from the Menkmack, see Menkmack section for details.
  3. -Return the egg to the Greegrox.




The Mu’Kay Apology

The Greegrox are a little upset at the Mu’Kay, what with the latter hunting and eating the former.


  1. -Talk to a Greegrox while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet.
  2. -Go to the Mu’Kay homeworld and inform them that the Greegrox are sapient.
  3. -Go to the Ancient One while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet and talk with the Greegrox.




The Lost Greegrox

There is a Greegrox that has remained all alone after its pod mates were killed.


  1. -Go to the Alpha Apocalyptum A system and take the Greegrox with you.
  2. -There are two options now:
    • Take the Greegrox back home to the Ancient One.
    • Or take it to The Measured homeworld for a reward.


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