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STAR OCEAN™ – THE LAST HOPE -™ 4K & Full HD Remaster Cheats

27 November 2017, Monday, 0:28:39



Secret/Hidden Endings


Crowe’s ending is easy to get if you enjoy conversing with random people. After landing on Nox Obscurus, teleport back to EN-II’s main city and talk to all the women outside. One of them will give you a Funeral Bouquet and the recipe for making more (Certain scenes can only be viewed while holding one of these). After seeing the scene where your team finds the remains of Crowe’s ship, examine it to place the Bouquet. His ending will play after the credits.



To see Faize’s extremely hard-to-get ending you must see every single optional cutscene involving him and put him and Lymle in the same room for the majority of the game. Faize’s extended ending plays after the credits (and after Crowe’s if you got his too).



How to Unlock More Game Modes

Chaos Mode – Complete the game on Universe mode.

Universe Mode – Complete the game on Galaxy mode.


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