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STAR OCEAN™ – THE LAST HOPE™ – 4K & Full HD – Secret Moves

28 November 2017, Tuesday, 22:38:57


Secret Moves

Meracle’s Secret Move

To get Meracle’s secret move, Max Shockwave, you must 1st get the Darkness Ring from the Undying Dragon and use it to get to the bottom floor of the Cave Of The Seven Stars on Roak. The Skill Book is in a chest behind the platform where you fight Gabriel Celeste. Walk around the platform and get this move before fighting Gabriel so you can use it during the fight.


Reimi’s Secret Move

To get Reimi’s secret move, Savage Sparrows, you must first get the Darkness Ring from the Undying Dragon. Use the Ring on the Holy Chest on the bottom floor of the Purgatorium in the same room where you fought Tamriel to get the Skill Book.


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