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Star Traders: Frontiers – Crew Dog

27 October 2017, Friday, 17:46:27


Crew Dog

Crew dogs are the primary provider for the ship’s ship ops score. They have very few talents, so by the middle of the game you will have pretty much all of their talents filled up. Their talents are very useful in the early game, but their lack of specialized and powerful talents in the late game hinders their usefulness. Despite this, you should make sure that the ship ops score stays at a decent level, as it getting too low is one of the conditions that can force a loss in ship combat. My reccomendations for their talents are as follows:

Safety Protocols: Ship ops save ( All )
Relaxing Leave: Keeps costs down for spicing by giving extra morale ( Min 2 )
Talk in the Hall: Helps get rumors ( All )

*The rest of their talents are decent, but should be taken after there are no better options*


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