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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Anomalies

1 May 2017, Monday, 2:58:14


During your flights you will encounter anomalies. These anomalies can be classified in 3 categories:
– Harmless
– Mild
– Hazardous

You don’t have to worry about anything they will not damage your ship in the slightest.


Mild anomalies won’t deal hull damage but they will have negative effects on your ship. These effects can be reduced sensor range, shield drain, powersurge. You can hide in these but be aware of the negative consequences.


These anomalies will damage your ship and subroutines like warp, shields etc. So best stay away from them.

These anomalies provide negative effects so why would I want to go there? Good question. Anomalies will reduce you’re ship detection distance. And the more hazardous there smaller you’re detection area is. which is very important to stealth.

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