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STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II – Crates

12 November 2017, Sunday, 20:55:19



You can earn crates as rewards in-game by completing Challenges or hitting other gameplay milestones.

You can buy Crates using Credits earned from completing Challenges, or in Multiplayer matches. Or, you can use Crystals (EA’s Premium Currency) to buy them.

Crates contain a mixture of Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits, or Victory poses. If you’re curious about a Crate, read the description of it in the Store for more information on what you might find inside it.

Crates do not contain the most powerful items in-game, these are only available to players who complete in-game challenges and reach certain milestones in gameplay.

If a crate would have given you something you already own, EA convert that into Crafting Parts that you can use to upgrade your weapons and Star Cards. Duplicate Star Cards are converted into Credits.


The Crates available in-game at launch include:

Daily Login Crate
Log in every day to claim a free Daily Login Crate. You won’t be able to claim any Daily Crates you missed as they expire after 24 hours.


Trooper Crate
Contains at least 2 Trooper cards, a random Star Card, cosmetics, specials, vehicles and parts.


Starfighter Crate
Provides at least 2 Starfighter cards, a random Star Card, cosmetics, specials, vehicles and parts.


Hero Crate
This crate contains up to 2 Hero Star Cards, a miscellaneous star card, cosmetics, specials, vehicles and parts.


They will have different types of Crates available over the lifetime of the game, this is a dynamic system, so keep an eye out for new or time-limited crates in the future.



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