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STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II Tips & Tricks

12 November 2017, Sunday, 1:46:29


Tips & Tricks


-Your dart gun reveals where the enemy is on the mini map for a few seconds. As a new player this is priceless for older players who’ve unlocked other cards to help the team. It has a “fall” in flight so make sure to aim high enough to compensate.

-If you crouch you can cover your feet to further protect yourself, at the sacrifice of your mobility. This is great for covering rooms or ambushing a team.
-Remember to use your shield. It’s almost as good as the Officer buff in adding life back to your bar. Yes, it slows you down, but pop it in fights you can’t win to buy your team time. You never know when someone will assist with a grenade or some other device and save your bacon just because your shield kept you alive an extra five seconds.

-You can press the interact key, default ‘G’, while standing next to your turret, to destroy it and instantly deploy a new one.
-Your turret explosion can be quite powerful, if you’re forced back and your turret is ignored, you can remote detonate it to do quite a bit of damage to your attackers.
-When using your Officer buff, remember that it only buffs in a cone in front op you. Wait until your team mates are in front of you before hitting that button!
-Pro-tip: When starting a new round and you find yourself in the front, do a 180 and hit that buff button, for a mass group buff.
-Using the Blurg, get the grip to help with aim, it makes the gun many times better. If you take four shots instead of exploding, it’s like a pistol version of the EE-4.
-Don’t underestimate the power of the officer.
-Your turret being destroyed WILL kill you if you stand too close, whether you detonated it, or the enemy simply shot it down. Standing near your turret will heal it, but if you aren’t careful you’ll both end up squished.

-Use the Thermal Binoculars; they’re incredibly useful. If you can see enemies directly (los), you can tag them for allies to see.

-As a hero, you heal now! Most heroes will now heal up to about half their max health if they drop below it if they can avoid being shot. Use this to your advantage both to kill them, save them, or save yourself. If an enemy hero is running, focus and drop him, if your hero is running, take one for the team and stand in front. Their potential for usefulness is much greater than normal foot soldiers.

TIE Bomber
-The TIE Bomber can fire three missiles, and automatically at three different targets. Plus another two at a single target. So you can have three missiles chasing one person.

-Always use that ion canon. It fires for and stuns ships around you, making them easy targets for your allies.


Game Modes

Galactic Assault
-As droids, Push Push Push the objective. When on the droid side I’ve noticed my team will lose more when folks fight around the MTT rather than near the Ion Blasters. Focus on where the Ion Blasters are spawning, and when the position changes try to rush forward to it. The clones can damage the MTT from as much as 100m away, and it’s quite easy for them to find an awkward safe angle to hit the MTT from, even if it’s being actively piloted. You get info about the ion carriers’ location, use it.

-Save your points for the Rocket Trooper. As much of the feedback will attest, it’s quite difficult for the First Order side to win this game mode, I found that if I took a Rocket Trooper and flew through the woods fast, I’d have more luck than with any other class.
-Takondona castle: As the First Order, speed is key. Once you have the artifact run in zig-zags towards the objective. Your team mates should try and stun, rather than kill, as they spawn were the objective is.
-Pro tip: Reinforcements can’t pick-up the objective.


-Lower Speed = tighter corners
Always adjust your speed (console default is the left stick, on PC it’s ‘S’). The slower you go the tighter corners you can pull off.


-Play The Objective. Don’t just run/fly around blasting every enemy in sight. Actually figure out what the objective is and work as a team to achieve it.
There’s no “die” in “team”.
-If you see something shiny in the distance, DUCK! It’s probably a sniper taking aim.
-Don’t forget to swap your cards as needed, by level and situation. Seems rather “duh” but many forget.
-If a Heavy has their shield up, aim from above for headshots, or at their legs, to avoid the shield entirely.



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