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STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II – What The Stats On Your Weapons Mean?

12 November 2017, Sunday, 20:37:40


What The Stats On Your Weapons Mean?

Cooling power
Weapons get hot when they’re fired repeatedly. A weapon with high cooling power takes longer to overheat and is ready to fire again relatively quickly.


How effective your weapon is over distance. A low-range weapon is best in relatively close quarters. A sniper blaster is better when you can keep away from your enemies (or keep them away from you!).


Rate of fire
How quickly your weapon fires. If you have a weapon with a high rate of fire and low cooling power, you’ll have more time.


How much base damage each shot from your weapon can do.


As you play, you’ll unlock more weapons. You can pick up and switch weapons at weapon racks in Campaign, and from your Collection, on the respawn screen, or between rounds in multiplayer.

You can find mods for your weapons through gameplay or in Crates, and equip them from your character screen.



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