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In admin mode, commands can be used by typing a / followed by the keyword for the command. Admin mode can be toggled on and off using the command /admin.


On multiplayer servers there are several settings that can block players from gaining admin privileges.


Note: These commands are executed from the chat. Some of them do not work or are broken, however, the majority of them do work, although they may require some trial and error to use properly.


Command  Description 
/admin Enables or disables admin mode, which enables all crafting recipes, prevents damage or energy loss, and allows access to admin-only commands.
/aiaction Usage /aiaction actionJson. Perform a SAIL action. Example of unlocking a tech: /aiaction {“action” : “showTech”, “techName” : [ “humanhoverbike” ]}
/aicommand Usage /aicommand commandName. Executes the specified predefined AI command.
/aimessage Usage /aimessage messageId. Triggers the player to receive the AI message with the specified id.
/cinema Usage /cinema cinematicPath. Plays the specified cinematic for testing.
/clearaimessages Resets all history of received AI messages, allowing the player to see these messages again.
/clearstagehand Despawns any stagehands with broadcast areas containing or positions close to the current cursor position.
/coordinate Displays the current coordinate of the world you are on or orbiting.
/disableSpawning Disables automatic monster spawning planet-wide until you leave the planet or logout.
/enableSpawning Re-enables automatic monster spawning.
/entityeval Usage /entityeval <lua>. Evaluates given script in the context of the closest scripted entity to the cursor.
/eval Usage /eval <lua>. Evaluates given lua in script processor context.
/fixedcamera Toggle locking the camera’s position; camera will not scroll. (May cause sectors not to spawn and monsters to spawn right next to or on top of you if offscreen. Useful for recorded demonstrations.)
/fullbright Toggle disabling the lighting engine and show everything.
/gravity Display the gravity at the player’s position.
/help Shows a list of commands. Use /help commandName to get detailed documentation. Available commands are: %s.
/itemid Displays item information in chat and the log.
/naked Remove all gear. Useful in macros to give a character new gear replacing the existing gear, or you know, for fun.
/played Displays how long you’ve played this character.
/reload Reloads your local, client side assets. Will cause lag as they are reparsed.
/resetgravity Undoes /setgravity. Begin using server gravity again.
/setgravity Usage /setgravity level. Sets your local gravity to the level specified. Standard gravity is 80. Negative values will make you fall up but you can’t jump from your head. This change is local only, and looks pretty heinous on a server, because it screws very heavily with delta prediction.
/setspawnpoint Sets the default spawn (beam down) point on the current world to your character’s position.
/settileprotection Usage /settileprotection dungeonID [true or false]. Set a dungeon’s tile protection to true (unbreakable) or false (breakable). You can see the dungeon ID in /debug mode.
/snapshot Usage /snapshot <file> xsize ysize. Render the view of the world centered on the player with x and y size, and store to the given sbscene file.
/spawngun Usage /spawngun level [kind]. Spawn a randomized gun with the given level.
/spawnitem Usage /spawnitem itemName [count] [variantParameters]. Spawn the specified item at the mouse cursor. If the item does not exist it will spawn aPerfectly Generic Item. Variant parameters are parameters passed to the item’s constructor. They are specified as JSON surrounded by single quotes.
/debug Toggle debugging mode. This enables or disables all of the commands below.
/boxes Toggle the display of collision and sensor debugging polygons.
/clearboxes Toggle whether or not to clear boxes displayed with /boxes every frame. Useful for determining routes that enemies take, can get messy looking though.
/togglelogmap Toggle the display of debugging text information on the screen.


/spawnliquid Usage /spawnliquid liquidName [amount]. Spawn a quantity of liquid

at the mouse cursor. If you want to spawn liquid as an item that you loot, use

/spawnitem instead.

/spawnmonster Spawns a specified monster type at the mouse cursor.
/spawnnpc Spawns an NPC of the specified species and type at the mouse cursor.
/spawnshield Usage /spawnshield level [kind]. Spawn a randomized shield with the given level. If kind

is specified then the shield is limited to that kind (for instance, riotshield). If you want to spawn a non-randomly generated shield use /spawnitem instead.

/spawnstagehand Usage /spawnstagehand type [parameters]. Spawn a Stagehand of the specified type. If parameters are specified (as a JSON object) they will be merged on top of the default configuration.
/spawnsword Usage /spawnsword level [kind]. Spawn a randomized sword with the given level.
/spawntreasure Usage /spawntreasure poolName [level]. Generates contents of a specified

treasurepool at the mouse cursor.

/statistics Displays collected statistics about the player (currently only includes total number of deaths; will be expanded in future versions.
/suicide Kills the current character, incurring all normal death penalties (including permadeath!). This can be used as a last resort if you are irreversibly stuck.
/timewarp Usage /timewarp timeInSeconds. Warp time ahead by X amount of seconds.
/togglelayer Usage /togglelayer [number]. Toggle the visibility of the specified layer. Possible layer types are:

1. Sky 2. Parallax 3. UndergroundParallax 4. Background 5. Platforms 6. Plant 7. PlantDrop
8. Object 9. CursorHintedObject 10. ParticlesBottom 11. Effect 12. Projectile 13. NPC 14. Player
15. ItemDrop 16. Water 17. ParticlesMiddle 18. Foreground 19. ParticlesTop 20. Nametag 21. InfoBars
/showhunger Usage /showhunger. Displays your hunger bar for several seconds.


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