StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops Cheat Codes



While you’re playing the game, you can press the Enter key to bring up a message screen. This screen allows you to type in cheat codes to enable the below listed cheats in-game.


Note: It’s important to add that using these cheats will disable achievement unlocking for the savegame you’re using.


5,000 Minerals — Type: stroaksmolts

5,000 Minerals and Gas — Type: smoldersbolds

5,000 Vespene Gas — Type: realmendrilldeep

Access to all UNN Broadcasts — Type: StayClassyMarSara

Disable defeat conditions — Type: ypoonsvoicemail

Disable Fog of War — Type: TookTheRedPill OR sawnoutofmemory

Disable food requirements — Type: mintmansoperator

disable victory condition — Type: tyuhasleftthegame

Disables Ability Cooldown — Type: HanShotFirst

Disables defeat conditions — Type: NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender

Disables tech requirements — Type: SoSayWeAll

Disables the time of day — Type: Qrotero

Fast Build — Type: CatFoodForPrawnGuns OR reversingnazaire OR basestarsprimative

Fast Heal — Type: ImADoctorNotARoachJim OR fsbcomunicacion

Gives 5,000,000 credits — Type: whysoserious

Gives 5,000 Custom resources — Type: DZMHairSpring

Gives 5,000 Terrazine — Type: jaynestown

Grant 5,000 minerals — Type: SpectralTiger

Grant 5,000 of each resources — Type: WhoRunBartertown

Grant 5,000 Terrazine — Type: Jaynestown

Instant Defeat — Type: LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven

Instant Win — Type: WhatIsBestInLife OR cmethodfeedback

Invincibility and increased damage (God Mode) — Type: terribleterribledamage

Lose the current game — Type: cadeasygoin

Mission Select — Type: lyingpect

Opens cutscene menu — Type: eyeofsauron

Opens the UNN broadcast menu — Type: furabranchery

Re-enters the last cheat used — Type: =

Remove the Supply Cap — Type: Bunker55AliveInside

Research points granted — Type: wapboinkers

Units/Structures no longer cost resources — Type: moredotsmoredots

Unlock all missions — Type: LeaveYourSleep

Unlock all Research options HoradricCube

Upgrades Weapons, Armor (and Shields) by 1 level — Type: IAmIronman



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