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StarCraft: Remastered Console Commands


Console Commands

Press enter during gameplay to bring up a message prompt. Type in the following codes to get the desired effect.



Command – Effect

  • show me the money – 10,000 Minerals and Gas


  • whats mine is mine – 500 Crystals


  • breathe deep – 500 Vespene Gas


  • medieval man – All Research Abilities


  • modify the phase variance – Build Anything


  • staying alive – Continue Playing After Win


  • ophelia – Enable Mission Select


  • noglues – Enemy Can’t Use Psionic Storm


  • operation cwal – Faster Building (also affects enemy A.I. players so be careful using)


  • the gathering – Free Unit Spells/Abilities


  • something for nothing – Free Upgrades


  • radio free zerg – Hidden zerg song, sung by the Overmind (you NEED the Brood War expansion and only works when playing as Zerg)


  • game over man – Instant Loss


  • there is no cow level – Instant Win


  • power overwhelming – Invincible Units


  • war aint what it used to be – No Fog of War


  • food for thought – No Supply Limit


  • protoss# (Replace # with number of mission.) – Protoss Level Skip


  • black sheep wall Reveal Entire Map


  • terran# (Replace # with number of mission.) – Terran Level Skip


  • zerg# (Replace # with number of mission.) – Zerg Level Skip


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