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StarCraft: Remastered – Keyboard Shortcuts

14 August 2017, Monday, 0:30:58


Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Hotkeys are available in StarCraft: Remastered. Here are the default ones;





Ctrl+M – Toggle Music
Ctrl+S – Toggle Sound




Menu Hotkeys

O – Game options
P – Pause
E – Exit game
G – Resume
Q – Quit
C – Cancel





A – Attack (and Attack Move)
CTRL + RIGHT CLICK – Attack while moving (units must be selected)
M – Move
S – Stop
H – Hold
P – Patrol
G – Gather resource
C – Return resource
B – Build basic construction
V – Build advanced construction
O – Unload unit
D – Unload all units to a point





F1 – Show Help
F2-F4 – Goto saved location
Shift+F2-F4 – Save location
F10 – Show Menu
Alt+O – Show Options
Number – Select hotkeyed units
Ctrl+Number – Assign currently selected units to the hotkey
Shift+Number – Add currently selected units to the hotkey
Double tap on Number Center screen to hotkeyed units
Alt+Number – Center screen to hotkeyed units
Alt+C – Center screen on selected unit
Alt+Click on own unit Select all units of its last group (group = units selected by any way)
Doubleclick on own unit Select all units of the same type close to the clicked unit
Ctrl+Click on own unit Select all units of the same type close to the clicked unit
Ctrl+Click on unit in selection box Select all units of that type already selected
Shift+Give order Queues the order to be executed after its other orders are completed
Shift+Click on own unit Adds unit to currently selected units
Shift+Click on unit in selection box Remove unit from currently selected units
Space Goto last alert location
Shift+Tab – Once: Change Opponent/Allies/Self colors in the minimap to red/yellow/teal respectively. Twice: Make the change of colors on main screen & minimap. Three times: back to original colors on main screen & minimap.
Note: Combinations of some hotkeys are possible – for example Ctrl+Shift+Click on a unit adds all units of that type (closest to the clicked unit) to the currently selected units.




Unit Production



P – Probe



D – Dragoon
Z – Zealot
K – Dark Templar
T – High Templar


Robotics Facility

S – Shuttle
V – Reaver
O – Observer



S – Scout
C – Carrier
A – Arbiter
O – Corsair




Command Center




M – Marine
F – Firebat
C – Medic
G – Ghost



V – Vulture
T – Siege Tank
G – Goliath



W – Wraith
V – Science Vessel
D – Dropship
B – Battlecruiser
Y – Valkyrie


Nuclear Silo

N – Nuclear Launch





D – Drone
Z – Zergling
V – Overlord
H – Hydralisk
–L – Morph to Lurker
M – Mutalisk
–G – Guardian Aspect
–D – Devourer Aspect
S – Scourge
Q – Queen
U – Ultralisk
F – Defiler



Building Creation



U – Bunker
C – Command Center
S – Supply Depot
B – Barracks
R – Refinery
A – Academy
E – Engineering Bay
T – Missile Turret



F – Factory
S – Starport
A – Armory
I – Science Facility



S – Comsat Station (To Command Center)
N – Nuclear Silo (To Command Center)
C – Machine Shop (To Factory)
C – Control Tower (To Starport)
P – Physics Lab (To Science Facility)
C – Covert Ops (To Science Facility)





N – Nexus
G – Gateway
P – Pylon
A – Assimilator
Y – Cybernetics Core
F – Forge
C – Cannon
B – Shield Battery
S – Stargate
C – Citadel of Adun
T – Templar Archives
R – Robotics Facility
O – Observatory





Alt+V – Toggle join/leave notifications
Alt+N – Put username of selected user into input field
Tab – Cycles trough various buttons and input fields (use shift to reverse the order of cycling)
Alt+H – Display Channel screen
Alt+F – Display Friends screen
Alt+C – Display Create screen
Alt+J – Display Join screen
Alt+L – Display League screen
Alt+Q – Exits into the server selection screen
Alt+S – Send text from the input field
Alt+W – Whispers text from the input field to the selected player
F1 Display – Help screen


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