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State of Decay 2 – How To Deal with Infection

20 May 2018, Sunday, 20:14:33

How To Deal with Infection

The worst part of the zombie apocalypse is getting infected. Yes, you can become a zombie — thankfully, only one type of zombie will increase your infection meter. The red-eyed zombies are faster, stronger, and deadlier than standard zombies — and the red-eyed zombies also carry the blood plague.


When they attack you, your infection meter will increase. Fill the meter up, and a timer will appear — if you don’t get a cure before the timer runs out, you’ll become a zombie. That’s an instant game over.


NOTE: If you don’t have any Plague Samples, place a survivor in the Infirmary for treatment. You won’t be able to play as them, and they’ll use multiple medical supplies a day, but it will completely stop the rise of the infection.


To successfully fight the infection, you’ll need to construct the Infirmary at your HQ. There are two ways that you can b fight the infection.


  • Blood Plague Therapy:
    • Therapy will lower your infection meter to zero when used. This requires 3 Plague Samples.


  • Blood Plague Cure:
    • The Cure will save you if you’ve been infected with the Blood Plague. Only use this if you’ve been infected and the timer to zombification has appear. This requires Infirmary 2, and 5 Plague Samples.


To get Blood Plague Samples, you’ll need to hunt red-eyed zombies found scattered throughout the map — the red-eyed zombies will especially appear at night. I recommend shooting them dead from a safe vantage point. It’s far, far better to simply cure the Blood Plague. Just wait until the timer begins — no need to cure it too quickly, when you’re bound to just get infected again.



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