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State of Decay 2 – Potential Fix for Code 6 Error

21 May 2018, Monday, 18:09:16

Potential Fix for Code 6 Error

Thankfully, we’ve got a potential fix for the State of Decay 2 Code 6 Error. First, make sure that your internet connection and everything is running well. For this, not only make sure that you can read on your browser but can boot up online-only games like PUBG with no problem. If your internet is fine, then the problem will most likely have to do with your Windows Firewall.

To fix this, follow these simple steps:

-Click on the Windows symbol (Start button) in the bottom left corner of your PC.

-Search for “Windows Firewall”.

-Click the first option.

-Select Windows Firewall properties in the middle of the screen.

-Make sure that “outbound” is allowed and that “inbound” is blocked.

As long as that is working fine, then you should fix your issue.



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