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State of Decay 2 – Weapons & Ammunition

19 May 2018, Saturday, 20:51:46

Weapons & Ammunition

Weapons, firearms and ammo are necessary for defending the Home Base, and survivors when they leave the base.


Ammunition is less common than food or medical supplies, but supplies of ammunition can be reliably found in houses, warehouses, armoured trucks, gun shops, police departments, and various military supply caches. Fellow Enclaves may also spawn periodically with ammunition the player can use (not in rucksack form). The main resource of Enclaves such as the Wilkersons and The Law (County Courthouse) is ammo, so they usually have a large cache laying around. They may also give random generated missions that give 5 ammo as a reward. The shooting platform, dojo, and library can offer infinite opportunities to obtain ammo. Due to their rarity and high rate of use, they are of high priority.


Firearms can be found in many of the same places as ammunition, including Gun Shops, the Police Station in Marshall, and military supply caches, as well as some warehouses and homes. Handguns and rifles can often be found in gun stores, though in some cases an SMG may spawn in a gun store. The Police Station often has several handguns and may also have assault rifles, SMGs, high-end shotguns, and possibly even one or more grenade launchers. Assault weapons may also be found in some houses and warehouses in Marshall, including the small, white warehouse at the Grange, and the one next door to the Marshall gun store. The best firearms, including assault rifles, SMGs, light machine guns, AA-12s, .50 caliber sniper rifles, and grenade launchers, can be found in military stockpiles located in and near the fairgrounds in Fairfield. Firearms can also spawn on survivors and certain survivors like those with the traits soldier, liked to hunt, and cop have a higher chance of spawning with weapons. Survivors can spawn with weapons ranging from pistol and rifles to shotguns and assault weapons.


Melee weapons are relatively common, with at least one being found in homes and warehouses. High-end melee weapons, such as swords, can be found in a number of houses in Marshall. If you have a workshop, low tier melee weapons will be added to the locker every day. They are of low priority to high priority, depending on the quality of the weapons.



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