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State of Decay 2 – What Can I Spend Influence on?

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What Can I Spend Influence on?

Influence is an important currency to keep your community alive. The major thing to use your influence on is the purchase of outposts and a new home base.


Outposts offer you a place of safety away from your base and give you access to your supply locker to pull out a new weapon and other items to keep you alive. Certain outposts can also offer boosts to morale or give you items and resources overtime to keep your community thriving.


As well as selling items to other NPC communities to get influence points, you can also buy items from communities with influence points of your own. Some of these items could include crucial resources or rare guns and items that will help you mow down zombies with ease. However, these items are usually costly, so be sure to save up as many points as you can.


With influence, you can also buy certain community members from other NPC communities to join your group. Each character has specific skills that you can use to create important items and features for your base, so be sure to choose the best character to suit your needs.


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