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Stellar Age: MMO Strategy – Tips & Tricks

21 May 2018, Monday, 16:46:54

Tips & Tricks

-At the beginning of the game, focus on the quests.


-Go to items tab, head to my items and claim newbie rewards; resources, speed-up boosters, and more.


-Upgrade the production buildings to increase the production rate+power.


-Upgrade your bunker and keep the resources safe & secure+power.


-Research [Science Book -> Tech] and unlock free boosters, items, units.


-Set-up defense by building the cyber plant.


-Before you attack enemy planet; spy and check its power.


-Upgrade spaceport and unlock new powerful spaceships.


-Upgrade mission control center and you will be able to send more spaceships for the attack.


-Warp & repair spaceships after the attack.


-Keep upgrading & keep improving.



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