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Stellaris: Federations – Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

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Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

General Hotkeys

Shift-click: Add orders to the end of the queue.


Ctrl-shift-click: Add orders to the start of the queue.


F: Search for systems and planets.


H: Cancel orders.


T: Change stance (passive/evasive/aggressive)


B: Return to nearest spaceport/rally point.


G: Merge fleets.


V: Split fleet in half (roughly)


Ctrl+(number): Set hotkey (can be used on planets, fleets, megastructures, etc.)


(number): Select hotkeyed planet/fleet/megastructure.


Ctrl+z/x/c/v/b: Change map mode.


Space: Pause/unpause (only in single player)


+/-: Increase/decrease game speed.


F1: Government screen.


F2: Contacts


F3: Situation log


F4: Technology


F5: Planets and sectors


F6: Policies and edicts


F7: Factions


F8: Traditions and ascension perks


F9: Expansion planner


F10: Ship designer


z/x/c/v: Change tabs in certain views, like planet view or government screen.


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