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Stonehearth Console Commands

20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:26:06


Console Commands

To get a full list of available console commands, bring up the console (CTRL+C) and type “help” on the command line.


Note: The actual list of console commands is MUCH larger, but you need to enable the debug tool in your settings to have them.



ib – Instantly builds the selected building, or arg 0. Usage: ib object://game/12345
im – Instantly mines the selected mining zone or arg 0. Usage: im object://game/12345
get_cost – Get the cost of the selected building, or arg 0. Usage: get_cost object://game/12345
call – A generic handler to call any registered route
destroy – Destroy an entity. Arg 0 is ID of the entity. If no argument is provided, destroys the currently selected entity. Usage: destroy 12345
kill – Kill an entity, Arg 0 is id of the entity. If no argument is provided, kills the currently selected entity. Usage: kill 12345
select – Selects the entity with id = Arg 0. Usage: select 12345
get_config – Gets the configuration value from user_setting.config. Usage: get_config foo.bar.baz
set_config – Sets the specified configuration value. Usage: set_config foo.bar.baz {value = 1}
query_pf – Runs the query pathfinder command. Takes no arguments.
spawn_scenario – Spawns the specified scenario uri. Usage: spawn_scenario stonehearth:quests:collect_starting_resources
collect_cpu_profile – Collects a profile of the LUA code for the specified duration, in ms. Default is 30s. Usage: collect_cpu_profile 150000
toggle_profile_long_ticks – Enables/disables per-game-tick profiling of the LUA code (recorded whenever lua evaluation takes more than a game tick.)
set_time – Sets the time to the time passed in Usage: set_time 1:25pm
world_seed – Returns the world seed of the current world. usage: world_seed
reset – Resets the entity’s location to a proper one on the ground. Usage: reset



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