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Stoneshard: Prologue – Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

General Tips:

  • -Use Rest Mode to heal and restore mana as often as possible.


  • -Don’t forget to eat and drink, every status effect has an influence on your stats.


  • -Doors are your friends and can’t be opened by enemies. Make this to your advantage.


  • -Kill everything to gain as much XP as possible.




Tips for boss fight



  • -Two handed weapon for higher damage prefered.


  • -Skilling Agility for higher evasion rate.


  • -Having at least one potion for healing.


  • -Use lightning spell to enchant your weapon before the fight (don’t forget to rest and restore mana).


  • -Having at least on potion for healing





  • -Your main goal is to destroy the statue, the skeletons won’t hurt that much if your evasion is high enough.


  • -Stay directly in front of the statue, step aside if they enchant the floor, get back directly in front, but don’t get closed in by the skeletons.


  • -Focus statue with melee attacks, use firespell to damage statue and skeletons.


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