Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats & Secrets




Trophy How to Achieve
Happiness is Eternal Get married.
My New Life Reach Spring of Year 2.
Farm Life Forever Reach Spring of Year 3.
Agriculture, I Am Thy King Reach Spring of Year 5.
No Ulterior Motives, I Swear Make 300 offerings to the Harvest Goddess. (1x per day)
Tip: The H. Goddess likes flowers you can forage and eggs. See our Easy Gifting guide or her profile page for more info!
A Comfortable Living Have a total of 50,000G at once.
Tip: You can farm Orichalcum on Floor 10 or lower in the Spring Mine and use it to make jewelry at the forge then sell for a nice profit. Or bet well at the Spring or Fall Derby and purchase brooches to ship for the big bucks!
Time to Start Investing Have a total of 100,000G at once.
Now I Can Retire Early Have a total of 5,000,000G at once.
Grade-A Fisher Catch 10 different types of fish.
Master Angler Catch 50 different types of fish.
Caught the Guardians Catch every type of fish.
Tip: Check out our Fishing guide to reel ’em all!
I Cooked and Didn’t Burn It! Cook 10 different kinds of dishes.
Home Cooking is My Hobby Cook 50 different kinds of dishes.
Bon Vivant’s Successor Cook every kind of dish.
A Little Adventure Reach BF30 in a mine (either Spring or Lake Mine).
My Real Job is Spelunking Reach BF100 in a mine.
Gaze Into the Abyss Reach BF255 in a mine.
Let’s Impress Zack Ship every type of crop.
All Natural, Non-GMO Ship every type of crop with 5-star quality.
Master Cow Rancher Own at least 8 cows.
Master Sheep Rancher Own at least 8 sheep.
Master Chicken Keeper Own at least 4 chickens.
Master Rabbit Keeper Own at least 4 Angora rabbits.
Master Alpaca Rancher Own at least 8 Alpacas.
Why Pick Only One? Own at least one of every livestock type.
Master Breeder Breed at least one of every livestock type.
Solomon’s Ring Own at least 5 pets.
Tip: Van sells pets in the plaza every season on the 15th. Unlock him by making 30 offerings to the H. Goddess (1x per day).
Titan of the Clash Win the Cluck-Cluck Clash.
Grade-A Quality Win the Moo-Moo Festival.
Eat My Shorts, Yodel Ranch Win the Fluffy Festival.
Tip: Remember, only animals whose wool has not been sheared (ie, their wool is grown out) can enter this festival!
A Full House Renovate your house twice.
Funding Gotts’ Retirement Renovate every building on your farm.
Talk About Prune Skin Stay in the Hot Spring for 10 house straight. (Winter may be the ideal time to do this!)
Home Cooking Tastes Best Eat at least one of every type of dish you can make.
I Choose You! Successfully confess to every romance option before marriage by giving them a Preserved Flower. (What are they, Pokemon? XD)
Tip: This excludes the secret candidates, so just confessing to the regular candidates is fine!


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