STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats



Easy Gift Item


★ = Favorite Gift (+9 FP, +800 AP)

♥ = Loved Gift (+9 FP, +500 AP)

♪ = Liked Gift (+3 FP, +300 AP)


ItemLiked By

Blue Grass – ♥Doctor, ♥Lillia, ♥Marie, ♥Jeff, ♪Elly, ♪Jennifer, ♪Basil, ♪Lou, ♪Rick

Indigo Grass – ♥Doctor, ♥Jeff, ♥Lillia, ♥Dudley, ♪Basil, ♪Lou, ♪Marie, ♪Rick

Red Grass – ♥Doctor, ♥Marie, ♥Basil, ♪Jennifer

Green Grass – ♥Basil, ♥Doctor, ♪Rick

Yellow Grass – ♥Doctor, ♪Basil, ♪Marie

Orange Grass – ♥Doctor, ♪Marie

Purple Grass – ♥Doctor, ♪Elly, ♪Basil, ♪Dudley, ♪Jeff, ♪Lou, ♪Marie, ♪Rick

Toy Flower – ♥Sasha, ♥Elly, ♪Jennifer, ♪Basil, ♪Harris, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Ellen, ♪Karen, ♪Popuri, ♪Yu

Moon Drop – ♥Sasha, ♪Jennifer, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Basil, ♪Karen, ♪Mei

Pink Cat – ♥Elly, ♥Sasha, ♥Zack, ♥Manna, ♥Mei, ♥Sasha, ♥Elly, ♪Jennifer, ♪Basil, ♪Harris, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Ellen, ♪Jeff, ♪Karen, ♪Popuri, ♪Yu

Blue Magic Red Flower – ♥Doctor, ♥Sasha, ♥Lillia, ♥Elly, ♥Mei, ♪Ellen, ♪Harris, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Basil, ♪Jennifer, ♪Karen, ♪Rick

Red Magic Red Flower – ★Elly, ♥Sasha, ♥Lillia, ♥Doctor, ♥Mei, ♪Basil, ♪Harris, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Ellen, ♪Karen, ♪Rick

Egg – ♥Brandon, ♥Popuri, ♥Carter, ♥Dudley, ♥Gotts, ♥Anna, ♥Rick, ♥Kai, ♪Gray, ♪Jennifer, ♪Doctor, ♪Harris, ♪Duke, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Ellen, ♪Karen, ♪Lou, ♪Manna, ♪Mei, ♪Mugi, ♪Ran, ♪Sasha, ♪Thomas, ♪Zack

Hot Spring Egg – ★Rick, ♥Ran, ♥Duke, ♥Mugi, ♥Harris, ♥Ellen, ♪Basil, ♪Bon Vivant, ♪Karen, ♪Lou, ♪Thomas

Milk – ★Doctor, ♥Dudley, ♥Ellen, ♥Lillia, ♥Elly, ♥Manna, ♪Cliff, ♪H. Goddess, ♪Gotts, ♪Jeff, ♪Jennifer, ♪Kai, ♪Mei, ♪Mugi, ♪Popuri, ♪Ran, ♪Saibara, ♪Sasha, ♪Thomas, ♪Yu

Honey – ♥Brandon, ♥Lillia, ♥Manna, ♥Doctor, ♥Jeff, ♥Rick, ♥Dudley, ♥Gotts, ♥Jeff, ♥Manna, ♥Gotts, ♥Anna, ♥Yu, ♪Jennifer, ♪Basil, ♪Harris, ♪Carter, ♪Kai, ♪Lou, ♪Marie, ♪Mugi, ♪Popuri, ♪Sasha, ♪Thomas

Branch – ♪Brandon, ♪Gray, ♪Saibara, ♪Yu

Chocolate – ♥Jennifer, ♥Anna, ♥Gray, ♥Rick, ♥Ran, ♪Cliff, ♪Duke, ♪Zack

Grapes (From Tree) – ♥Anna, ♥Basil, ♥Lillia, ♥Dudley, ♥Marie, ♥Ellen, ♥Marie, ♥Yu, ♪Cliff, ♪Duke, ♪Jeff, ♪Kai, ♪Lou, ♪Manna, ♪Zack

Apple – ♥Brandon, ♥Anna, ♥Dudley, ♥Ellen, ♥Zack, ♥Lillia, ♥Mei, ♥Gotts, ♥Popuri, ♪Yu, ♪Basil, ♪Carter, ♪Cliff, ♪Harris, ♪Duke, ♪Huang, ♪Jeff, ♪Kai, ♪Lou, ♪Manna, ♪Marie, ♪Ran, ♪Saibara

Mushroom – ♥Basil, ♪Dudley, ♪Mugi, ♪Rick, ♪Saibara

Poisonous Mushroom – ♥Doctor

Bamboo Shoot – ♥Doctor, ♥Saibara, ♥Manna, ♥Karen, ♥Marie, ♪Harris, ♪Dudley, ♪Lou, ♪Mugi, ♪Thomas

Chestnut – ♪Doctor, ♪Jennifer

Small Fish – ♥Dudley, ♥Manna, ♥Harris, ♥Carter, ♪Zack, ♪Doctor, ♪Jeff, ♪Lou

Copper – ♥Gray, ♪Saibara, ♪Van



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