STRAFE Easter Eggs



Some of the secrets and other goodies in Strafe.


Hidden Goodies

Non-level Specific Goodies and Secrets

Upgrade machine: Spend a credit to get an upgrade.




Fuse boxes: Little fuse boxes will appear on walls, if you break them a secret door will open nearby.




Zone 1 – Icarus

Zone 1 Floor 1

Luffenstein 1/2: If you destroy the body a coin will drop needed for the Luffenstein machine to spawn.


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Zone 1 Floor 2

Luffenstein 2/2: Play a minigame for credits and an upgrade.




Zone 3 Burbs

Zone 3 Floor 1




Artifact weapon: You can blow up a wall with a barrel to open a secret passage containing a limited time power up.


Rats 1/2: There are 9 small rats scattered in certain area’s of the map, kill all of them to be able to progress to the next stage of the secret.


NES Game 1/3: At the start of the Burbs you fall into a house, one of the presents will have a NES game.




Zone 3 Floor 2


Rats 2/2: The first room of Floor 2 will have a secret door and entering it will trigger the second part of the secret, Doing this can make it impossible to progress with the rest of the level being a run killer due to various bugs, but you do get an achievement.




NES Game 2/3: In the shop there is a controller for an NES, You have to kill the poor keeper to get it though. This causes stronger turrets to spawn instead of the normal ones, Also increased prices at the next shop.


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Zone 3 Floor 3


NES Game 3/3: At the gate control room there will be a NES on the table, If you have collected both the game cartridge and controller you’re good to go. You get an achievement for this.


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Zone 4 Athena

Zone 4 Floor 1

Masquerade party: By the big gate at the start of the level, up to the right on the wall there is a fuse box, shooting it opens a secret room past the water fall just down the way.


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