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Streets of Rogue – How to Unlock The Gangster (Blahd)

How to Unlock The Gangster (Blahd)

To unlock the Gangster (Blahd), you must kill 10 Crepe (blue) gangsters in a single playthrough. The best way to do this is to use a bulky character (eg Gorilla, Jock, Wrestler, etc.) and just beat up any Crepe gangsters you see, or just continue your playthrough, killing any Crepe gangsters until you unlock the character.

Another way to unlock the character is to start as the Crepe Gangster, and use your two friend phones to annhilate the pink gangsters, and recruit more gangsters if you run out. More gangsters can be found pretty much anywhere in the level, and if you enter their property they will not attack you.


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