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Stronghold 2: Steam Edition – Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

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Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

General & View Controls

  • Pause Game : P


  • Adjust game speed: + /  (Numeric keypad)


  • Screenshot : ALT & Q (or default steam shortcut)


  • Scrolling around the map : SWAD and Cursor keys


  • Zoom in & out of map: Spin mouse wheel forwards or backwards or use R & F


  • Rotate map: Hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse or use Q & E


  • Rotate Buildings: With building selected, spin mouse wheel forwards or backwards, or use R key


  • Top Down View: Spacebar


  • Interface Panel On/Off: TAB


  • Cycle Estates: . (Period Key) <Numeric Keypad> (Cycles through your estates)


  • Keep: K*


  • Granary: G*


  • Barracks: B*


  • Mercenary Post: N*


  • Monastery: O*


  • Market: M*


  • Treasury: T*


  • Siege Camp (Cycle): J (Cycles through all your available siege camps)


  • Locate your Lord: L


  • Cycle through all Lords: SHIFT & L


  • Setting Up Multiple Waypoints: Hold down SHIFT and left click


  • Bookmarking Locations: CTRL + ALT + 0 to 9: Pressing CTRL & ALT & 0 to 9 creates a bookmark fo the current location on the map. Press ALT and the appropriate number to return to this location.




  • Grouping Troops: Select a group of troops and press CTRL & 0 to 9 and then press 0 to 9 to locate them.


  • Unit selection: Units can be added or removed from a selection by holding down the SHIFT then left clicking on them. Multiple units can be added to a selection by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging a box around them. Double clicking on a unit will select all unit type visible on the screen.


  • Select Units of Same Type: Double-click on a troop to select all units of the same type visible on screen.


  • Troop Assembly Points (Barracks, Mercenary Post, Engineers Guild, Monastery): 1 & 7. You can create assembly points for each troop type in the barracks panel & mercenary post. Open the barracks or Mercenary Post (B or M) then press 1 – 7 and you will be able to place a flag. The troop you create from the building will walk to the flag. You can set assembly points for other building types such as the engineer’s guild.



Building Walls

  • Select Single Thickness of wall: Z


  • Select Double Thickness of wall: X


  • Select Triple Thickness of wall: C


  • Select Wooden wall: V


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