Subnautica: Below Zero PC Cheats


PC Cheats

Press F3 to display the “Disable Console” option. Deselect this by first pressing F8 to activate your mouse cursor, then simply uncheck the option. Now anytime during gameplay you can bring up the console by pressing the “Enter” key and typing in one of the following commands. Note that when you wish restart the game, first press one of the in-game overlay keys like F3 again before pressing the console key.



Command Effect

invisible – Agressive fauna won’t attack you

nosurvival – disables hunger and thirst

nodamage – invulnerable

noenergy – POWAH! UNLIMITED POWAH!!! (for bases, vehicles, and items)

nocost – Free Fabricating

fastscan – Scanner registers new subjects almost instantly

oxygen – Infinite O2

kill – Commit suiscide

fastgrow – Planted seeds grow instantly

fastbuild – Increase base building speed

weather – Disables weather events (Blizzards, energy storm etc.) and sets outside temp to 22°C

speed (#) – Sets the game speed multiplier. Using a 2 would double the game speed, while 0.5 would halve it. Good for setting up screenshots.

daynightspeed (#) – Change the speed of the day/night cycle. 1 is default, so 2 is double, and 0.5 is half.

day – Set time to noon

night – Set time to midnight

spawn_hoverbike – Spawns a rideable hoverbike.

spawn_seatruck or

spawn_seamoth – spawns a seatruck.

madloot – Get some useful items

clearinventory – deletes all your items

item (Item name) (amount) – Spawn specific items to your inventory. eg : item copperwire 10

spawn (Item name) (amount) – Spawn specific items in front of you. eg : spawn seaglide 1

unlockall – Give yourself all blueprints

bobthebuilder – The command applies the effects of the following commands:


This command also adds the following items to your inventory:

Habitat Builder
Survival Knife
Repair Tool



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