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Sudden Strike 4 – Campaigns

10 August 2017, Thursday, 20:06:29



Sudden Strike 4 boasts 21 single-player missions spread across the German, Allied and Soviet campaigns. Each mission has several objectives to be achieved before successful completion. Missions in campaign maps can be repeated any time.



German Campaign

1. Battle of Sedan

2. Battle of France

3. Operation Barbarossa

4. Battle of Stalingrad

5. Battle of Kursk

6. Battle of the Falaise Pocket

7. Battle of the Bulge



Allied Campaign

1. Operation Overlord

2. Battle of the Hedgerows

3. Battle of the Falaise Pocket

4. Operation Market Garden

5. Battle of Hürtgen Forest

6. Battle of the Bulge

7. Operation Plunder



Soviet Campaign

1. Siege of Leningrad

2. Battle of Moscow

3. Battle of Stalingrad

4. Battle of Kursk

5. Fourth Battle of Kharkov

6. Balaton Defensive Operation

7. Battle of Berlin



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