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Sudden Strike 4 – Doctrines and Skills Guide


Doctrines / Skills

Players in Sudden Strike 4 are commanding forces of different factions supported by famous generals through three historical campaigns. Each campaign offers three generals pursuing three different doctrines and skill sets. You can switch between the generals at any time during your campaign without penalty.

Armoured doctrine

Infantry doctrine

Support doctrine


Below is a list of skills that you can unlock over the course of the campaign, depending on your selection of doctrines and your star achievements.


Infantry Drills

Infantry aims more accurately with ballistic weapons.


Hand Grenades

Submachine gunners, riflemen, and paratroopers are equipped with hand grenades.



Soldiers can get on and travel on any type of tank.


First Aid

Severely wounded infantry can use first aid to recover from a downed state and be able to act again.



Increases the movement speed for infantry units.


Grenade Drills

Increases the throwing range of grenades.


Hatch Lookout

More effective use of the top hatch increases the vision range of tanks, but makes the tank commander more vulnerable.


Demolotion Kits

Riflemen are equipped with landmines, submachine gunners are equipped with anti-tank grenades or rocket launchers (mission-dependent), and paratroopers are equipped with TNT.



Officer units reveal hidden units in range.


Sandbag Covers

Armoured units can deploy a sandbag cover that protects against attacks, but they become immobile.


Armoured Perseverance

Armoured unit crew members always survive critical hits to their vehicle.


Repair Kits

Vehicle crews are equipped with repair kits, enabling them to fix critical damage of their vehicles without a repair truck.



Vehicles are more difficult to detect in light vegetation.


Call in the Cavalry!

At the start of the mission, the crew of the strongest armoured unit is promoted to elite status.


APCR Rounds

All tanks, self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, towed anti-tank vehicles, recon vehicles and anti-tank infantry deploy with armour-piercing anti- tank rounds.


Top Quality Fuel

Vehicles accelerate faster and receive a slight boost to their turning speed. Maximum speeds are unaffected.


Improvised Armour

Provides extra armour and decreases the chance to receive critical hits for all tanks.



Mortars, self-propelled artillery and towed artillery receive a damage bonus when using high explosive ammo rounds.


Army Telemeter

Artillery units fire with more accuracy, decreasing the time to zero in on their target.


Smoke Grenades

Infantry units deploy with smoke grenades. Smoke grenades apply a fog of war effect where thrown, hiding friendly units.


Smoke Discharge Systems

Armoured units deploy with smoke dischargers. Smoke dischargers apply a fog of war effect around the unit, hiding friendly units.


Tank Periscopes

Tanks deploy with periscopes, increasing their vision range.


Reinforced Sandbag Bunkers

Towed units can deploy a reinforced sandbag cover that protects against attacks from all directions. The unit can’t be towed while the protection is active.


Extra Magazines

Infantry units deploy with extra ammunition.



Armoured vehicles are immune to instant fatal explosions caused by critical hits.


Fast Loading

Supply trucks load other units faster.


Army Mechanics

Damaged vehicles can be fixed up to a certain percentage of their maximum hit points by the engineers in repair vehicles. In addition, engineers have the ability to repair critical damage.


Take Cover!

Infantry units’ damage taken in dense vegetation and ruins is reduced.


Perpetuum Mobile

Vehicles become immune to engine failure due to critical hits.


Ramming Speed!

Tanks can ram to cause damage to both themselves and the target vehicle (the vehicle with higher hit points survives ramming).


Quick Reload

Artillery units take less time to reload.


Towing Hooks

Recon vehicles, light tanks, and self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles can pull towed guns.


Anti-Tank Mine

Infantry units deploy with anti-tank mines.



Infantry units deploy with extra gear (Grenades, TNT, AT Grenades, Mines, or Smoke Grenades).


Tough Guy

Infantry units receive damage reduction.


Precision Shots

Decreases the shell dispersion area for artillery units.


Extended Camouflage

Medium / heavy tanks and light vehicles are more difficult to detect in light vegetation.


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