Sudden Strike 4 – Grenades and Explosives


Grenades, smoke grenades/screens and explosives

To use grenades, click on the unit that carries the grenade and find the corresponding button for the grenade in the command panel in the lower right part of the screen. Once you click the button, the mouse cursor will change into a grenade aim cursor and you can decide where the unit should throw the grenade. If the target is out of range of the unit, the cursor will show where the unit will have to go to before throwing the grenade.



In some missions, infantry units will have TNT at their disposal. To use TNT, select the infantry unit and use the TNT button on the command panel. Then place the TNT at the target location. Once the TNT is placed, bring your units to a safe distance, click on the TNT and select “detonate” from its command panel.


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