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Sudden Strike 4 – How to Get Units in/out of Vehicles and Buildings

10 August 2017, Thursday, 23:20:39


How to Get Units in/out of Vehicles and Buildings

Infantry can enter almost all buildings and vehicles in Sudden Strike 4. To enter a vehicle or building, select the infantry units and right-click on the vehicle or building. There are several ways to exit a vehicle or building. You can click on the single unit icons in the detail information window at the bottom of the screen. Only the unit you have selected will immediately leave the vehicle or building. To have your units exit a building in a specific direction (e.g. to avoid incoming fire from one side of the building), click on the building and select the Exit all to a location button IMG_6890 and then click on the location your units should go to after exiting the building. You can also choose to unload your passengers or unload all (including the crew) from your vehicle by using the appropriate buttons IMG_6889 in the command panel.



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