Sudden Strike 4 – Movement Speeds and Effect of Ground/Weather


Movement Speeds and Effect of Ground/Weather

Most of the game movement is planar, but two distinct heights are differentiated: one for ground movement and one for aircraft.

Movement depends on the following factors:

• Unit type

• Damage status – the following damage states may slow or disable unit movement:

o Engine damaged (vehicle): movement speed is reduced by half

o Engine disabled (vehicle): unit cannot move

o Track/wheel damaged (vehicle): unit cannot move

o Seriously wounded (infantry): unit cannot move

• Fuel – a vehicle that has run out of fuel cannot move. Fuel can be replenished.

• Environment – environment has a great impact on movement speeds and can completely restrict movement in certain cases.

Terrain types greatly affect unit movement speeds:



Forests provide cover bonus, while decreasing the line of sight. Two major categories exist:

• Light Forest: light, no tall vegetation. Trees can be brought down by vehicles, thus negating effects.

• Dense Forest: dense, only passable by infantry. Never accessible for vehicles.



Swamp is deep muddy territory. Units moving through swamp gradually sink and get stuck after some time. Smarter enemies try to avoid it, so should you!



Traversing through water (especially rivers) is governed by the following rules:

• Banks: usually steep and non-traversable.

• Bridges: allow traversal for all kinds of units.

• Fords: special areas that allow traversal for all kind of units in the absence of a bridge.

• Pontoon bridges: can be installed by engineering units from segments, which can be destroyed and salvaged for later use.

• Frozen water: frozen lakes and rivers allow traversal for both infantry and vehicles. Ice breaks on damage and your units sink as a result.

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