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Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Cheat Codes

27 October 2017, Friday, 13:25:53


Cheat Codes

After completing Cascade Kingdom, at the start of each kingdom you’ll find Uncle amiibo where you can scan in your amiibo (when prompted by an on-screen message) by tapping them on the NFC area of the controller, which is the middle of your right Switch Joy-Con or the center of the Switch Pro Controller.

Tap compatible amiibo (like those from the Mario series*) on the in-game character Uncle amiibo to access a variety of helpful, optional gameplay assists; some amiibo (like the wedding amiibo listed below) also unlock special outfits for Mario when tapped!

As a bonus, upon scanning them at uncle amiibo, the amiibo will be sent out — three at a time max every 5 minutes — to look for undiscovered Power Moon locations. Which will then be marked on your map, you can access the map by pressing “” on your controller.

Mario (Wedding) amiibo unlocks: You receive Mario’s wedding outfit and gain temporary invincibility.
Peach (Wedding) amiibo unlocks: You receive Peach’s wedding outfit and Life-Up Hearts will appear.
Bowser (Wedding) amiibo unlocks: You receive Bowser’s wedding outfit and reveals where regional coins are hidden. Rotate the camera to look for them.


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