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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Cheats

7 December 2018, Friday, 7:30:18


Unlockable Characters

Fast 68 Characters Unlock Method:


• Step 1: From the Main Menu select “Smash” to play the classic Versus mode, now go to “Rule Settings” to set Stock to 1, CPU Level at 1, Damage Handicap to On, then press the + button to save this rules setup as you’ll continuously need it.



• Step 2: Next choose any random stage to play a “Solo Battle” on.



• Step 3: Then choose any random character for yourself & your CPU opponent, but remember to set the CPU to 300% damage.



• Step 4: This means that once a fight starts it’ll be easy for you to quickly KO your CPU opponent and win the fight (not always, but sometimes you can also end the fight early by jumping to your death), resulting in a New Challenger to appear, who will unlock once you defeat him/her/it.


Note: If you lose the fight with a New Challenger you can always get a re-match by selecting “Games & More” from the Main Menu and then selecting the “Challenger’s Approach” little gate icon in the bottom-right corner.



• Step 5: After defeating the New Challenger wait afterwards until you get to the Stage Select screen, and then close the game entirely to restart it by pressing the Home house button to exit the game to the Switch main menu and then pressing the X button while keeping SSBU game icon selected to really close it (you don’t have to turn off your Switch). Now start the game again.

Alternatively, you can reset the game even faster — while staying in-game — by going to “Settings” in the Main Menu and by changing the “Language” to a different language each time.


Note: Doing this will circumvent the “only one New Challenger battle every 10 minutes” rule the game has and lets your repeatedly unlock a new character after restarting the game!


Instead of playing through World of Light for 30 hours to get them all, have fun getting all the character within 1 to 2 hours using this fast unlock method!



Characters List:

1. Mario
2. Donkey Kong
3. Link
4. Samus
5. Dark Samus [Samus clone / echo fighter]
6. Yoshi
7. Kirby
8. Fox
9. Pikachu
10. Luigi
11. Ness
12. Captain Falcon
13. Jigglypuff
14. Peach
15. Daisy [Peach clone / echo fighter]
16. Bowser
17. Ice Climbers
18. Sheik
19. Zelda
20. Dr. Mario
21. Pichu
22. Falco
23. Marth
24. Lucina [Marth clone / echo fighter]
25. Young Link
26. Ganondorf
27. Mewtwo
28. Roy
29. Chrom [Roy clone / echo fighter]
30. Mr. Game & Watch
31. Meta Knight
32. Pit
33. Dark Pit [Pit clone / echo fighter]
34. Zero Suit Samus
35. Wario
36. Snake
37. Ike
38-40. Pokemon Trainer (choose 1 of 3 different fighting style characters: Squirtle, Ivysaur & Charizard)
41. Diddy Kong
42. Lucas
43. Sonic
44. King Dedede
45. Olimar
46. Lucario
47. R.O.B.
48. Toon Link
49. Wolf
50. Villager
51. Mega Man
52. Wii Fit Trainer
53. Rosalina & Luma
54. Little Mac
55. Greninja
56-58. Mii Fighter (choose 1 of 3 different fighting style characters: Brawler, Swordfighter & Gunner)
59. Palutena
60. Pac-Man
61. Robin
62. Shulk
63. Bowser Jr.
64. Duck Hunt
65. Ryu
66. Ken [Ryu clone / echo fighter]
67. Cloud
68. Corrin
69. Bayonetta
70. Inkling
71. Ridley
72. Simon Belmont
73. Richter [Simon Belmont clone / echo fighter]
74. King K. Rool
75. Isabelle
76. Incineroar



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