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Super Sports Surgery Achievements

23 June 2017, Friday, 1:24:04



Artist touch
Heal fourth patient


Elite Sniper Force
Never miss a toothpick at a level with bugs


Make a photo of a patient


Don`t try it at home, kid
Restore health with a ketchup


It`s cramped
Get inside a patient


Caring too much
Heal third patient


Field Surgeon
Heal first patient


Not a coincidence
Heal second patients


Wow so stern
Make the pretty guy unpretty


Good job!
Flawless operation on third patient


Good job!
Flawless operation on first patient


What does your tattoo mean?
Make your first tattoo


Big Bad Belly
Heal fifth patient


Shooting stars
Get 3 stars at three levels in a row


The Perseverance
Restart the same level three times


Make a pirate tattoo


Express yourself
Put different bones into the designer`s arms


Punk is not Dead
Heal sixth patient


It`s not a pizza!
Cut a patient to death with a knife


Good job!
Flawless operation on sixth patient


Shape of my octopus
Replace the heart with an octopus and complete the level


Not on my watch!
Pour ketchup in at the last HP


Last second hero
Finish a level when it`s only few HP left


Too big to Fall
Heal seventh patient


The Wall
Replace jaws with fences


Tattooing master
Heal eighth patient


Here you are!
Find that badass cat


Good job!
Flawless operation on fourth patient


Good job!
Flawless operation on second patient


Why did you do that?
Scare the Running Guy


Dr HotDog
Heal ninth patient


Good job!
Flawless operation on eighth patient


Good job!
Flawless operation on fifth patient


Good job!
Flawless operation on ninth patient


Meaningless duet
Replace the musucian`s knee with face and complete the level


Fighter`s build
Replace the ninja`s brain with a boxing glove, the stomach with a hedgehog and the elbow with a toast and complete the level with 3 stars


Yup, that was intended!
Put the hobbit-mermaid hobo instead of the punk`s arm


People Doctor
Heal 15 patients


Good job!
Flawless operation on seventh patient


Collect all stars in the game

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