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Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Endings Guide

13 June 2017, Tuesday, 15:02:05


Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Endings 

Possible endings in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls.


Ending Requirements
BAD ENDING (New Game+)

Time Eater [HP: ???] + Buffs

Defeat Time Eater the very first time he appears (which is impossible without hacking, using cheat engines, trainers, or grinding for eternity at the start of the game). Since he’ll most likely wipe your party out in an instant, wait until New Game+ where you’ll no doubt be Lv. 99 making the battle a breeze.


489E8449-3C43-43F1-9938-02C80AF7548C-1375-00000102C6D7F4AD CC0A8C5C-B6B5-40D5-B7A2-83C202C961F8-1375-00000102CB48F3DC 9EC3556A-CCC9-4875-B815-7ADD8A033B65-1375-00000102CF558C89 DBEFC24D-B986-4E1C-8F54-F1B0F1188357-1375-00000102D2D7F4AE



Time Eater [HP: 620,000]

After getting your @ss handed to you during the first encounter you’ll be given the opportunity to challenge Time Eater at any given time from the Mission list. Simply defeat him during your first playthrough BEFORE the True Ending as the game can be continued after the credits. Defeating Time Eater through the Normal Ending also restores the Mission list bringing back missions that were previously erased or aborted.


CD4767E0-B9EA-472D-97C5-D9BABD4D48F6-1375-0000010375F43978 A80E4A1A-4F5A-4708-B11C-374D85C2030C-1375-0000010379EB74F8 D1985FCF-AE88-492C-AA2B-DCFE7C59472B-1375-000001037D0FABA7



Time Eater [HP: 520,000]

Complete the following missions from all 4 eras:

The Real Battle ★★★★★- MD Era
Play It Again, Nep ★★★★★- SS Era
Nepgear Is Roadkill? ★★★★★- GG Era
Dreamcast Era True End ★★★★★- DC Era

Next will be a cutscene with Histoire involving all the eras being restored.


DFFAC7CA-95F4-4E1D-A3DB-76020CFCD300-1375-00000103D9687FC9 6E461107-119A-46B2-8AC0-002C84DF35BD-1375-00000103E116B36B 33BA05EC-7FFD-4287-B15D-DB2070222086-1375-00000103E50E292F


Lastly, go to the Grand Atrium for the Final Battle (you’ll know if the conditions were when the music changes). Time Eater has been weakened so the battle should be easier.


A0D76BB2-3354-4FEB-9012-271808BC314D-1375-00000103E86A46DF 8245D109-6773-431D-9635-C430CD8F9569-1375-00000103ECCEE098 2E6B8409-505B-41ED-B47E-D328B419645A-1375-00000103F0D3B2F2 B8ED876F-B076-49D3-B418-ED40A61FCC12-1375-00000103F495E8F9


MAKE SURE to do the True Ending AFTER the Normal Ending since it brings you BACK to the beginning of the game just like Re;Birth1 & 2. You’ll need to repeat all missions again and regain plans, formations and character data to recruit everyone back.


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