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Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls How to Defeat Delphinus

15 June 2017, Thursday, 16:16:33


How to Defeat Delphinus / How to Get The Delphinus Achievement

A Simple Step By Step Guide on how to Defeat Delphinus.

Delphinus is Hands Down The Strongest Boss As using All Lv99 Will still prove to be a challenge, BUT it is do-able.

Step 1: Goto Delphinus In NewGame+ in Macarasco Troll Depth When Talked To pretty much all chirpers and done all quests.

Step 1.5: Have the Damage limit Breaker Formation.

Step 2: Have all party members at Lv99 And Class Lv Past 30 or 40.

Step 3: Have ultimate gear, If you dont your screwed.

Step 4: Put Segami In With Max SP and Chage her to MegaDrive In Battle, Put IF In because Of her EXE Drive. (if have DLC “Gust of wind” your all good so you can use Melody of Death when gonna use it.) if not it’ll still be able to Defeat Delphinus it will take a little longer then usual. Put Mega Drive In (trust me you’ll need her). Have the other 1 as Meat shield’s so they can absorb Delphinus Damage.

Step 5: Initiate Battle

Step 6: while Segami, Change to Mega Drive Then Spam Tired Everytime Her Turn is up. and put her behind the Meat shield so they take the damage but not too close Becasue of Delphinus AOE attacks.

Step 7: Get The Meat Shield to spawn Fever and then get as close too Delphinus as you can, then hit Delphunus once then Guard.

Step 8: When Mega Drive’s Turn is here use Charge On IF Twice for 6x Damage.

Step 9/1: If IF’s turn is up, Skip Turn

Step 9/2: if Segami (Mega Drive’s Turn) Keep using Tired.

Step 9/3 If Mega Drive Use Charge Again On IF twice For 12x Damage!

Step 10: When Its IF’s Turn, transform then use EXE Drive (or use Melody Of Death then EXE Drive) It should do Around 1million Damage. WARNING this may not kill Delphinus and Fever might not be active.

if He is Dead Then Congratz But if he didnt die.

Step 11: Regular Attack With IF with ultimate gear so the fever gauge refill faster.

Tip: Use Healing properties, and revives as often as you can.

Step 12: Use Meat Shield to Heal Allies Once then Guard so they dont get 1 shotted.

Step 13: When You Get Fever, Repeat Steps 8, 9/1, 9/2, 9/3 , 10. And This Should Proceed Too Kill Delphinus.

Congratz You have Defeated Delphinus and have gotten The Delphinus Achievement.

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