Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Plans Guide



Plan      Obtain
Tough Enemies – Mission: Battle Mega Drive! (MD Era)
Weak Enemies – Mission: We’re Good… For Now
EXP Boost – Mission: Assistance Completed! (GG Era)
EXP Expert [DLC] –
Credits Boost – Tera Drive (Observation Level 4)
Money Maker [DLC] –
Escape Anytime! – Tera Drive (Observation Level Lv 12)
I Never Miss! – Tera Drive (Observation Level Lv 12)
Symbol Crusher – Tera Drive (Observation Level 8)
Symbol Crusher GET! – Tera Drive (Observation Level Lv 25)
No Surpises – Cheeky Hero (Grand Library)
Infinity Symbol – Mission: Father’s Collection (DC Era)
Item Insurance [DLC] – Tera Drive (Observation Level 4)
Treasure Hunter – Mission: Secrets of the Macarasco Troll Ruin! (MD Era)
Fever Gauge Plus [DLC] –
Sneaking Scope – Mobile Menace (Observation Level 11)
Key Art Brows – Mission: Elegant Afternoon (Saturn Era)
Peeping Tom’s Troop – Treasure: Virtua Forest (Dreamcast Era)
Menu Chirper – Tera Drive (Observation Level 2)
Phoenix Legend Resurrected – Watermelon Penguin (Sega Saturn Era)
Moving Rocks – Kid Kotatsu (Game Gear Era)
Forest God – Slayer (Dreamcast Era)
Underworld Sun – Magic Girl (Mega Drive Era)
Ruins of Battles Past – Devil-Sama (Saturn Era)
Jelly Lava – A Proud Noob (Game Gear Era)
Demonic Mirror Legends – Luciel (Dreamcast Era)


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