Supreme Ruler The Great War Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

Press the CTRL+SHIFT+S key combination. This will cause a game settings dialog box to appear. Type “cheat allowcheats” into the bottom text box followed by the “Enter” key. Note: Cheats are allowed only in single-player mode.



Effect – Cheat Code

Enables Cheats. – cheat allowcheats

Allows you to build any unit, even if you haven’t researched it. – cheat allunit

Instant contruction of facilities. – cheat breakground

Causes research to be completed in one day. Espionage succes rates increase as well. – cheat e=mc2

Prevents the computer from doing some daily calculations (such as “spotting”). Using this cheat will increase game speed. – cheat endday

Adds $10 billion to treasury. – cheat georgew

Makes you instantly win the game. – cheat instantwin

Prevents units from moving. – cheat nomove

All units set to be constructed will be completed the next day. However, this also applies to the AI and can slow down the game. – cheat onedaybuild

Random AI country will declare war on another random AI Country. – cheat saddam

Random AI country will declare war on the player. – cheat saddame

Increases your country’s relationship with the UN to max level. – cheat shelovesme

Decreases your country’s relationship with the UN to minimum level. – cheat shelovesmenot


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